Supported by

This study was made possible by a generous grant from the UC Berkeley Department of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning’s Geraldine Knight Scott Traveling Fellowship.

We’d like to thank Annie and Mary Kate and all the other good people at Adventure Medical Kits for supplying us with the medical gear we will be using on our trip. We will be rolling with the Ultralight Pro and the World Travel kits. Adam Instone at GoPro hooked us up with a special discount on the HD Hero2 and a bunch of accessories for capturing great action footage of the cycling madness we’ll be encountering.

We would also like to thank our families, friends and loved ones for their emotional support and willingness to let us go, and be crazy (you know who you are), and thanks to Aunt Judy for allowing us to temporarily fold our lives into her storage space (our permanent lives don’t actually fit on bikes).

if your organization is interested in supporting this study in any way, please contact Rob at: robtidmore[at]

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